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Title: How to Wash Windows
Post by: MtnBear on August 22, 2011, 08:47:25 PM
Windows are essential to any home, but oftentimes, they are neglected. If you don’t pay attention to them, they can become grimy, dusty and the glass can look moldy. Clean and wash your windows regularly, so they won’t become an eyesore. Here’s what you should do.
What You’ll Need:

    * Sponge
    * Detergent
    * Warm water
    * Chamois
    * Squeegee
    * Stepladder
    * Paper towels
    * Newspaper
    * Waterhose
    * Broom
    * Lint-free rags
    * Dishpan or bucket
    * Old cloths or towels
    * Duster


   1. Get all of your tools and supplies. It’s best to prepare everything you’ll need, so you won’t be interrupted as you begin with the chore. At the same time, determine which windows you’ll work on first.

   2. Lay down old cloths or towels on the floor, if you’re cleaning inside windows. If you’re working on outside windows, it’s okay if you don’t do this, except if there’s flooring directly under them.

   3. Get some warm water in the dishpan or bucket, and put in a small amount of detergent.

   4. If you have windscreens, take them down from the windows. They’re probably dusty and have a stale and unpleasant smell. Lift them from the tracks, then rub them gently under your running water hose. Use a window wand or rags.

   5. Remove cobwebs using a broom.

   6. Remove the dust. If you’re outside, just hose down the windows, rinsing them one at a time, so the water spots won’t dry. If you’re inside, use a regular duster or an old cloth.

   7. Soak your sponge with water, and use it to clean the window frames, scrubbing lightly.

   8. Soak the sponge again, this time in the warm, soapy water. You can either:
          * Start from the upper left corner, dragging the sponge straight down. Remove excess water from the squeegee using a dry rag or chamois, then work ion the next line. Repeat a few times, until you get to the right side of the window.
          * Begin with the upper left side, making an S-shape while going downwards, until you get to the bottom right corner.

   9. Use a chamois or clean cloth to dry the windows and the window frames. Put back your clean window screens. You’re done!

A Few Tips

    * Don’t use a squeegee under direct sunlight, or there will be streak marks on the glass.
    * Clean newspapers can be used in place of a rag. Just crumple some sheets, then use to wipe the grass dry. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves, so newsprint won’t rub off on your hands.
    * Vinegar works great to cut through grease on glass. Use white instead of apple cider vinegar, for better results.
    * Ammonia is also a great cleanser, in place of vinegar. Don’t use it on synthetic glass or plexiglass, though, or it’ll eat away the surface or cause clouding.

Washing windows let in more sunshine and make your place a lot cheerful-looking. With this tips, this chore becomes easier than it looks.