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Title: The Travellers Best Rules - Updated 04/07/2016
Post by: Skye on March 01, 2011, 04:54:38 AM

Here Are The Rules:

1: This is an English speaking forum, no other language is allowed in open forum, PM,  between friends with a different language is allowed. All posts must be made in the English Language for the site translator to work correctly.

2: No arguing with Staff or Moderators, Instructions to fix posts or modify behavior MUST be followed.

3: Instructions, Warnings or Infractions will be sent via Private Messaging. It is your responsibility to check and read your PM's when you are on site.

4: Please speak to and treat others in a polite positive manner, Flaming, Harassing or Abusive Behavior in the Chat Box, In Posts, In Replies to Posts or via PM will not be tolerated.
Note: Should any of these actions occur to you, PM any Staff Member or Moderator with details of what has happened. It will be investigated and dealt with appropriately.

5: Reporting problems with a post such as Dead Links, Password not working or Virus / Trojan content etc should be done with the Report to Moderator button within that post - This report button notifies all staff, we will then be able to look at the post and get back to you via PM or email as soon as possible with a resolution.

Please do not post a reply to the post reporting a problem.
B: Please do not PM Staff or Moderators Reporting a Post Problem.
C: You can however send the member who made the post if you would like a fresh like only if you wish to download it for yourself

6: Requests - Members require 10 or more posts to be able to make a request, for members with less than 10 posts the request forum will be Read-Only.

A: All Requests MUST go in the Request Forum
B: Please do not reply to posts with requests
C: Please do not PM staff and Moderators with Requests

7: No advertising Sites or links to sites or blogs with items for sale.

8: No Phishing links of any kind.
Note: If any phishing links are noticed please report them with the report button straight away for staff to deal with.

9: No links in Posts or downloads that on-link to other sites that require joining or payment for downloads or Passwords.
Note: Members are reminded to report these posts with the report button for staff to deal with.

Strictly NO PORN is to be posted anywhere on the forum.
Note: As a poster it is your responsibility to ensure that your posted links do not lead to Porn or Porn Sites.

11: NO SIG's that show members or guests IP addresses.

12: NO SIG's that show links, Advertise or Link to other sites by clicking.

13: Archive Passwords that contain a link to another site are allowed but MUST be coded.

14: All Links MUST BE CODED - This includes:
  A: Download Links.
  B: Links to IMDB.
  C: Link to Product Homepage.
  D: Links to information or reference sites.

15: Allowable download links on the Travellers Best are:

* DepositFile  *  Rapidgator  *  NitroFlare  *   Uploaded   *  Mediafire * Filefactory * TurboBit * Mega (New Zealand) * Zippyshare * Rarefile * Userscloud * Tusfiles * Alfafile * fboom * Sendspace * Filefactor * Longfile * Datafile *

Note: There may be more filehosts allowed, please send a pm to the administrators if you have any suggestions

16: NO DOUBLE POSTS - When posting use the search feature and post in the correct forum.
Note: Double posts will be deleted.

17. Unless otherwise requested by the original poster, MIRRORS are allowed in either original posts or in replies, however we hold the right to delete them if necessary.

A: If you need to update your links, edit your post(s).
B: DO NOT use a reply post to tell others that the links have been changed instead place a comment in the primary post.
C: Members are allowed to reply to a post with a thank you or complimentary note for the download.

18: DO NOT post multiple different items in the same post, they must go in a separate post for each item. If you have questions regarding this rule, please send a PM to one of the administrators.

Note: Collections are allowed but they MUST go in the correct collections forum.

19: DO NOT post Microsoft Product in the open forum.
Note: VIP's please refer to the requirements of the restricted access VIP download forum.

Break the RULES at the Travellers Best - You get 3 chances, the 4th Rule Violation and you are out![/u]

"Be advised that these do not expire:"

A: 1st Minor to Moderate Rule Violation - Warning - Notification Via Private Message
B: 2nd Minor to Moderate Rule Violation - Infraction - Notification via Private Message
C: 3rd Minor to Moderate Rule Violation - Temporary Ban (7 Days) - Notification via Email
D: 4th Minor to Moderate Rule Violation - Permanent Ban - Notification via Email