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Knife Skills: How to Carve/Chop/Slice/Fillet



English |  2012 | 224 Pages | PDF | 32 MB

--- Quote ---Chopping, slicing, dicing, carving, filleting, and boning - knife skills are fundamental to good cooking, and Knife Skills demonstrates every technique with clear step-by-step colour photographs. Now in paperback and with a new cover look and written by Michelin-starred chefs, Marcus Wareing, Shaun Hill and Charlie Trotter, and Lyn Hall from the renowned La Petite Cuisine School of Cooking, discover how to cut to perfection from carving a roast and filleting fish to preparing fruit and vegetables. Plus, know your knives; find out which equipment to use for particular tasks and how to keep your utensils in peak condition.

Choose your tools, sharpen your talents and master techniques to give you the culinary edge with Knife Skills.
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