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Author Topic: Brainetics - Complete 7 DVD-Set  (Read 750 times)

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Brainetics - Complete 7 DVD-Set
« on: November 24, 2015, 09:16:44 PM »

Brainetics - Complete 7 DVD-Set
7xDVD5 in ISO-image | English | VIDEO_TS + PDF Guides | 720x480 | MPEG2 ~6104 kbps | AC-3, 192 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 ch | ~5 hours | 14.1 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Children's Education, Mental Growth

Brainetics is made of fun games and creative exercises that improve concentration and focus by teaching kids how to process and retain more information.

Your Brainetics kit includes:

Brainetics Complete DVD Set (Levels 1-5)
DVD Levels 6 & 7: Memory and More Cool Math
Interactive Playbook
On The Move...10 Mind-Building Games for the Whole Family
Brain Boosting Guide
Online Support from Mike Byster
Parents' Manual

Brainetics is Both FUN and Challenging!
Your kids will get better grades!
Your kids will be smarter in school and beyond!
For all ages 9-99
Brainetics is a fun and cool way to turbocharge your child's learning skills. It can even be done together with the whole family at once - making it a great way to spend time together!

The training and tools provided by Brainetics help your mind work more efficiently by training it to get better at processing information while also memorizing the information simultaneously -even though these are two completely independent skills.

With the tools provided by Brainetics the mind can begin to work more efficiently and become more powerful - giving your kids a HUGE advantage throughout their academic lives and beyond!

The program is designed to help people of all ages to supercharge their math results. Thanks to the unique design of the program, a person can do a highly complex math problem in their head. Using the same techniques, people were able to recall information off the top of their head in a matter of seconds.

Mike Byster has created a highly effective program that is simple enough anyone can master it. With a focus on memorization techniques and critical thinking, students are able to quickly answer complex math problems in a matter of seconds.

This approach is vastly different from the traditional learning experience. While Brainetics notes it isn’t a replacement for traditional mathematics taught in schools, it is a powerful tool. In each kit, there are DVDs, workbooks, flash cards and other essential items that will give children the core skills they need to be successful. As an added bonus, the program will help supercharge your child’s memorization skills. The result is better grades in school.

How Does The Program Work?

In order for the Brainetics.com program to work, there needs to be some knowledge of math. Your child should know the basic concepts of mathematics before they use the program. They need to understand how to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. If they understand these basics, they can start to improve their other skills.

This is done by using both sides of the brain to learn. Traditional programs only focus on the problem solving and logic of the left hemisphere of the brain. While that does allow them to be successful, it doesn’t allow better results. The program takes a unique approach by incorporating creativity with the logical approach as this makes it easier to achieve better results.

Match becomes fun in the student’s eyes. When it no longer seems like a task, it will engage the child and they will be more likely to learn and understand the program. With an included set of tips, parents will be able to incorporate the fun of math into everyday fun and that can help your child be successful.

Through regular use, students tend to have a solid foundation they can work with. Children can use the skills they have learned in school. This will make them feel more confident and to shine when they are working on other homework. The program teaches problem solving, gives memory boosting techniques and even helps them improve their focus. Perhaps the greatest benefit is the confidence they build through using the program, thanks to the fact they will look and feel smarter than ever before.

With Brainetics focused on the child’s more pliant mind, it is possible for your child to be more successful with it since it does offer a fun and effective approach to learning.

Will the Program Work for a Child with a Learning Disability?

Different children learn at different paces. When a child has a learning disability, it can be a struggle to find a program that will work for them. The Brainetics program is designed for children to go at a pace that is comfortable for them. Most parents with gifted children and those with learning disabilities have found that the program has given their child the ability to improve their math scores.

If you plan to invest in the program for a child with learning disability, it is a good idea to approach their teacher. Your child’s instructor can help you present the program to your child in a manner that achieves the highest degree of success.

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