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Author Topic: Treading the Mill: Practical Craft Working in Modern Traditional Witchcr  (Read 2452 times)

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Treading the Mill: Practical Craft Working in Modern Traditional Witchcraft By Nigel G. Pearson
2007 | 248 Pages |  | PDF | 159 MB

An original, practical and very effective book on traditional witchcraft rituals, spells and much more brought into the 21st century.

Contents include:

    Introduction; Explanations, definitions, acknowledgements & thanks.

    Chapter1. Crafting the Compass; Introduction, Crafting the Compass, Tools, Calling the Directions, Content of the Rite, Closing Statement & Thanks, Honouring the Directions, Opening/Dismissing the Compass, Place of Working,

    Chapter 2. WandCrafting; What is a Wand? Aspects of Traditional Tree Lore, Dryads, Types of Wood, Tree Properties & Attributes, Cutting wood for magical purposes, Creating your Wand, Finishing off your Wand, A Hallowing Rite.

    Chapter 3. Raising the Cup; Introduction, The Cup, Raising the Cup, Wines, The Recipes, Other Brews.

    Chapter 4. Entering the Twilyte; includes techniques of focus, concentration, visualisation, raising energy, trance-work and projection.

    Chapter 5. SpellCrafting; What is a Spell? Charms & Chants, Herbal Magic & Wortcunning, Simples Potions Oils & Lotions, Elemental & Nature Magic, On collecting plant materials for magical use.

    Chapter 6. SpiritWorking; Introduction, Spirits of the Natural World, Spirits of Home & Hearth, Concerning Familiars, The Fetch Body, The Ancestors & The Mighty Dead, The Elvenkind or Faerie-folk.

    Chapter 7. Approaching the Powers; Introduction, The God (King of the Woodland, Lord of the Mound, Master of Light), The Goddess (Bright Queen, Dark Queen).

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