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How Can You Burn CDs?



Whether you’re crafting a CD mix for your loved one or planning the music for a road trip, knowing how to burn music to CDs is a valuable skill to have in the technological age. A formerly complex process has been simplified by the Windows Media Player software, which houses your music library and allows you to play, copy and burn music to and from CDs as many times as you like. All you need is your computer and a blank CD.


    Windows Media Player
    Blank CD-R format CD



    Download and install the most recent version of Windows Media Player (see Resources).

    Insert your blank CD-R into the CD Drive in your computer.

    Open the Windows Media Player software, click on the "Burn" tab and select "Audio CD."

    Click on the "All Music" tab located in the left window of Windows Media Player. The right window should now display all the songs you have saved on your hard drive.

    Right-click on an album or song in your music library and select "Copy to burn list." You also can click and drag the songs to your burn list, located on the far right-hand side of the window. When your CD is full (as indicated on your "Burn list") click on the "Start burn" button, located at the bottom of your "Burn list."

    Windows Media Player will eject the CD from the CD drive when songs have finished burning to your blank CD.


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