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Remove Semen Stains from Fabric


Ok, so if you've ever blown your load all over yourself... This tutorial is for you.

So chances are, after that you were too tired to walk over the the sink and wash it off while it was wet, instead, you laid in place, and maybe even fell asleep.

Here's how you get rid of it, once it's dry.

So, you stain your favorite shirt!

First take off your shirt, and make a note to yourself where the stain(s) are so you can locate them easier when the shirt is wet, then boil some water in a pot.

Once your water is boiling, put it in the water, and let it sit for a minute or two.

Now take your shirt out, and put some stain remover, or ordinary washing liquid on the stain(s)

Now over the cleaner put on some baking soda

Then take your toothbrush and scrub it around, rotating in circles.

Let that sit for a few minutes, then you can throw this in a washing machine with the rest of your filthy clothes and when it cums out, *Ta-Da*!!!

It CAME out!

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