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How to Clean Your House the Green Way


Home cleaning using organic means not only makes your house spotless, you’re also doing the environment a huge favor.  Organic cleaners and solutions work just as well as the chemical-based ones found on the market.  Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything to secure them.  You just have to create them from the items found on your kitchen or your closet.
Vodka and Beeswax Wooden Floor Cleaner

The combination of heated carnuba wax and beeswax creates a thick solution that can drag dirt and dust off your wooden floor.  Linseed oil and lavender oil act as shining and balancing agents, keeping the cleaning solution from hardening too quickly.  Vodka, on the other hand, lets the wood absorb the oil. Make sure that you balance ingredients carefully, since carnuba wax hardens easily.
Materials Used:

    * 1 1/2 cups grated beeswax
    * 2 cups carnauba wax
    * 1/2 cup vodka
    * 20 drops lavender oil
    * 1 cup linseed oil
    * hot water
    * pot
    * oven


   1. Set the oven at low heat then pour water into the pot, amounting to 3/4 of an inch.
   2. Place the beeswax and the carnauba wax in the pot.
   3. Once they melt, add the vodka, linseed oil and lavender oil.
   4. Mix the solution thoroughly.
   5. When the solution cools, transfer it to a plastic container.

If the solution hardens, heat it again then add more oil until the you form a slick yet slightly thick base.  Scrub it on your wooden floor and see how it cleans and shines the surface at the same time.
Vinegar Multipurpose Cleaner

Mix vinegar with water following this ratio - 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar.  When the solution is ready, use it to clean the dishes, your furniture, and the floor.  You can even use this mixture to clean and polish metal fixtures as long as they are not made of cheap alloys.  This simple mixture happens to be the one of the most versatile cleaners that you will ever find.
Baking Soda Bathroom Scrub

Baking soda, having numerous alternative uses, works well a stain remover, deodorizer, and a bathroom scrub.  Mix it with a little water, essential oils and vodka, then you can start cleaning tiles, and the sink.  Add vinegar or lemon to the mix, if you want to disinfect the toilet and the bathtub.
Why Buy, Just Mix

With these three organic solutions, you can pretty much take care of all your cleaning chores without placing he environment at risk.  All of them are easy to prepare, so why bother getting as pricey cleaner from the supermarket?


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