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How to Iron Jeans


There’s nothing like a pair of thoroughly wrinkled jeans to make one look unkempt and unhygienic. Learn how to iron your jeans properly, which will only make you look good, but it will extend your jeans’ life as well. Here’s how.

    * Ironing board
    * Iron
    * Spray starch or ironing spray


   1. Lay out one pants leg flat on the ironing board. Use your hands to make sure that the leg is lying as flat as it can be. Make sure that the jeans are completely dry.
   2. Use an ironing spray or spray starch on the leg. Don’t douse it, just use enough to cover the whole surface you will iron later.
   3. Let the iron warm up enough to the temperature appropriate for denim or the type of denim that you are ironing. Typically this temperature is in the middle, neither too high nor too low.
   4. Press the iron firmly, but with a gentle hand, on the denim until the fabric is flat.
   5. Move the iron up and down the leg. Maintain the firm but gentle pressure as you do so. Follow the natural curves and angles of the jeans, not forcing them in the direction that you think they should go.
   6. Once you are done with one leg, you have the option of doing it on the other side of the same leg, but if you had a firm hand while doing one side, this is usually not necessary.
   7. Repeat the same steps with the other leg.
   8. To prevent wrinkling when hanging, place a thin sheet of wax paper between the pants leg of the jeans and the hanger when hanging up. Stack only one to two pairs of jeans on the hanger at the same time.
   9. Properly ironed jeans can last for a week. You can also opt to iron your jeans once a week, after laundering.


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