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The Roots of Texas Music



The Roots of Texas Music By Lawrence S. Clayton, Joe W. Specht, Gary Hartman
2003 | 232 Pages |  PDF | 2 MB

--- Quote ---Celebrating the diverse sources of the music of the Lone Star State, this volume gathers chapters by specialists whose views may not have dominated the perception of Texas music to date. Editor Lawrence S. Clayton conceived this project as one that would not simply repeat the commmon wisdom about Texas music traditions, but rather would offer new perspectives. He therefore called on contributors whose work had been well-grounded but not necessarily widely published. The result is an original look at the musical traditions of Texas Germans and Czechs, black Creoles and Chicanos, and blues and gospel singers, among others. Gary Hartman's introductiuon places these repertoires within the larger picture of one of the most fertile musical seedbeds in America. The diverse genres included in the anthology also provide an introduction to the classes, cultures, races, and ethnic groups of Texas and highlight the ways in which the state's musical wealth has influenced the listening habits of the nation.
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