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Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal: The Essential Tools for Healing



Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal: The Essential Tools for Healing by Dr. Kevin B. Skinner
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--- Quote ---Sexual infidelity in a relationship often triggers a cascade of difficult and painful emotions in those who have been betrayed. After discovery, those who have been betrayed often can’t sleep or eat. They can’t stop thinking about what their partner did, and they begin avoiding people and places that they used to enjoy. Their trust in others goes down and they question themselves, often believing that there is something wrong with them. In many cases, they struggle with depression and anxiety. Finally, they experience anger in ways that surprise even themselves.

After more than 10 years of research and study, Dr. Kevin Skinner’s, Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal, offers valuable insight into why a partner’s sexual behaviors outside of a committed relationship creates symptoms that match posttraumatic stress (PTSD). This book provides an in-depth view into the lives of individuals suffering from trauma after sexual betrayal. Using his research data from more than 5000 individuals who have experienced betrayal, Dr. Skinner outlines why betrayal triggers trauma and then provides the essential tools for healing.

Before introducing solutions to treat the trauma, Dr. Skinner provides insight into why most couples don’t do the disclosure process right and how an effective disclosure can lead to genuine healing and recovery (See Chapter Five). If you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed, in Chapter Seven you will learn how to begin taking action to begin your healing process.

If you are suffering from sexual betrayal, healing is possible. Discover how treating traumatic symptoms can help in your recovery. Specific solutions provided in this book include:

How to stop reliving what your spouse did (Chapter Nine). How to build a support team around you (Chapter Ten). How to resolve negative self-beliefs after discovery (Chapter Eleven). How to slow down your racing mind (Chapter Twelve).

If you want to understand what the healing process looks like from the beginning of discovery through the recovery process, a case study is given to help you understand the entire healing process. There are solutions. You can heal.
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